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Only Lion in the jungle that could tame me.

Mr. Leo

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The consumption of foursome.

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And I want to wake up to your smile. And see your tired eyes.
The first time we met, we stood on a winter beach, ankles deep in sand, under a sky of unconstrained stars.
The second time it didn’t work but I hope the third time’s the charm.
I’ve never had the audacity before now to wait for a heart but you said sleep on it, so I curled up on your chest & learned patience. Didn’t want to let the weight of my tears to wake your gorgeous. The mornings can be so mortal.

You are the first adult I ever dated. The only man I never had to lie before, if anyone should ever ask. I would describe you as a wealth of Sunday’s.
You found treasure where thieves before found trinkets. They used to gamble my bones for luck but there is honesty in your touch. From naval up, I have sailed your spine straight as a whistle and marveled at the industry of your mind. The last time I saw you, you were just as beautiful as the first. So don’t blush, don’t look away, just hold my gaze.

We can just stay in bed; we can just rest our heads. Makin’ love until the sun comes up.

I sat on your bed. And I’m not sure if you were taking a picture of the New York City skyline or me. But I will take what I can get from you.

There is an earthquake in Heaven everytime you breathe.

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I’ll Tell You Why…

At this wonderful phase of my life, I’m coming to the realization that I’m the shit; to say the least.

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Artist: Beyoncé ft Drake
Song: mine
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You’re the prince to my ballerina
You feed other people’s parking meters
You encourage the eating of ice cream
You would somersault in sand with me

You talk to loners, you ask how’s your week
You give love to all and give love to me
You’re obsessed with hiding the sticks and stones
When I fear the unknown
You feel like home, you feel like home

You put my feet back on the ground
Did you know you brought me around
You were sweet and you were sound
You saved me

You’re the warmth in my summer breeze
You’re the ivory to my ebony keys
You would share your last jelly bean
You would somersault in sand with me

You put my feet back on the ground
Did you know you brought me around
You were sweet and you were sound
You saved me

You put my feet back on the ground
Did you know you brought me around
You were sweet and you were sound
See I had shrunk yet still you wore me around
And ‘round and ‘round

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Zoom naturee-feels:

I adore this


I adore this

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Until Then…Stay Where You Are

Do not come back to me

Until you are fed.

Until you are heavy.

Until you have gorged your darkness

Till it is moonsick.

When you cannot stomach it’s fullness,

When your love weighs

The underside of a monsoon,

Then reach into the growl,

The center of your best storm

And bring me a plate of rain.

I don’t want no half eaten star in my sky.

No under-seasoned sunset.

No freshly shucked listening field.

I want the whole damn ear against my words.

Every dining room table

Set to play in stereo.

You could slow dance to our mouths

Chewing the fat off love.

Don’t say the word love

Until you can taste it in everything you eat.

Until your love is like salt

Don’t ask for food from my kitchen.

Don’t wade in my oceans and hunt for seashells.

When your body is a shell, and you are hermit

Homeless, looking for new skin,

Wipe the seat off your brow.

Make sure it tastes like salt first, then like love.

Then be homeless inside my love.

Drink the monsoon until you are drenched.

Until you have drowned.

Until you have died and come back

To say your name is love.

You have step foot on the moon.

You skim the fat off starlight.

You know no darkness.

We dance in the rain and our clothes are heavy.

We open our mouths to the storm,

Taste the word love

And find we are full.

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It’s Like ‘09 in Joyce Bedroom and I’m in LOVE With…
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I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake.

— Ernest Hemingway (via fassadenmensch)

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He loves like he was born with his umbilical cord tied around his neck and giving him your heart with never make a man out of him, just a taller boy.

“I see the world in more poetic ways than I write it.”

There is an earthquake in heaven every time you breathe.

No one is as beautiful as your idea of them.

All the almost boyfriends were never almost you.

I didn’t want to take off my pants. He would see your name, once placed out of love; never had the hips to fill in the big pockets on my jeans. Now snug flowers bloom and stretch marks are a sign of dignity, love and womanhood.

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Artist: Bilal
Song: When Will You Call
Album: 1st Born Second
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By Bilal, from the album, “1st Born Second.”

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